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  • As parents, we are committed to providing other parents with the very latest resources that help empower our youth to CHOOSE to say no to drugs.
XpressDrugTest.com: Disclaimer

The information contained within XpressDrugTest.com is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.
We strive to provide the most current information possible, based on theresearch and technology available when published or updated. 
Additionally, the information contained on this website is solely based on the opinions of, and research obtained by, parents;
both employed by, or otherwise affiliated with XpressDrugTest.com.
Xpressdrugtest.com does not; and employees of Xpressdrugtest.com do not; hold any medical or professional credentials.
XpressDrugTest.com is not; and was not; designed as a replacement for of professional medical advice.
It is vital that a Health Care professional is consulted for any or all medical needs or inquiries.
Please consult your Health Care Professional before considering any actions or treatments with regard to any health or drug related issue. 
Only your Health Care professional is qualified to evaluate, diagnose and/or treat any or all:
physical, mental, emotional, psychiatric, or psychological concerns, conditions, or diseases; or to prescribe medications for these issues.
XpressDrugTest.com is not liable for loss or damage, financially or otherwise, as a result, of using this site and any information contained therein.
XpressDrugTest.com is unable to control any expectation, methodology of testing, or alteration of results by the end user.
Our products have been tested thoroughly for quality and conform to the SAMSHA standards.
All of our tests are FDA 501(k) approved for marketing.